About Us

We want to help make Hawai'i more sustainable!  Please join us.

Why Honu?

  • The Honu (or Sea Turtle) has served as a guide to ancient seafarers. 
  • In many cultures the Turtle is a symbol for the mothering qualities of the earth.
  • The Turtle is an ancient creature that is bound to its home (just like we are bound to earth).
  • The Turtle reminds us to take our time and follow the natural flow of life.
  • The Turtle is a powerful 'Aumakua.

Mission & Vision

The HonuGuide, LLC is a not-only-for-profit company dedicated to promoting sustainable economy, environment, and community on the Islands of Hawai’i.  We encourage the exchange of information and resources to help foster a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living market.

HonuGuide Team

Tyler Mongan, President & Founder has spent the last 10 years studying and applying sustainable living concepts. He worked as an intern at Guidestone Farm & Center for Sustainable Living in Loveland, CO. He studied environmental ethics, medical ethics, and business ethics as a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Tennessee.  Tyler spent two years in naturopathic medical school at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine exploring the concept of ecologically sustainable medicine. During medical training he completed a preceptorship with Natural Doctors International, observing community-based medicine practices on the island of Omotepe in Nicaragua.  He is currently studying Chinese medicine and working for the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology at Moku O Lo‘e (coconut island), helping research the impact of global warming on coral reefs.